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picture. from roads to. the netherlands has now received more bodies from the mh seventy disaster as experts at the crash site continue the harrowing search for the rest of the victims . missing british journalist who's been reporting for us t is in the hands of the ukrainian security service and has been severely beaten so says a fellow reporter who has just been released. ukraine's prime minister is the main political coalition european choice collapses after failing to deliver reforms. and israel's bombing of a un school serving as
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a shelter and kills at least fifteen people including children. kevin i would hear it r.t. headquarters in moscow tonight just after nine pm here now a top story planes carrying more victims of the malaysian airways flight m.h. seventy as a arrived in the netherlands the bodies are being taken to a military base for forensic expertise but it might take a while before the relatives will be able still to say goodbye to their loved ones are all of the reports. this is the dutch army base outside of the town of hill for sin where all of the bodies of those killed on board malaysian airlines flight seventeen will be brought for identification by the end of thursday one hundred and seventy four coffins will have come through these gates and into the army base the
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base has been chosen in particular because it's the headquarters of medic training for the dutch army and therefore has the facilities in order to carry out this task the job of identifying the bodies will be done in association with the netherlands forensic institute the n f i is regarded as one of the finest forensic laboratories in the world but in terms of how long that identification process will take we're hearing from dutch leaders that for some it could take days for others weeks but that some families may have to wait up to as much as a month to find out the identification where their loved one's body is so that they can take them have them repatriated if they're not citizens and say goodbye to them in their own way already outside of the base though floral tributes have started to pile up and many people coming here to what is rather a remote road outside of the town in order to pay their respects and lay flowers to those who died on board m.h. seventy. at the crash site in eastern ukraine experts are combing the area for more
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bodies as not all of them have yet been found. body fragments along with the debris all flights and h. seventeen are scattered over around fifteen to twenty kilometer area here in a in a rural parts off eastern ukraine farms and villages all around us so it is going to take quite a long time to collect all the evidence and the remaining fragments of the victims of flights and seventeen you know while they always see mission monitoring mission along with malaysian experts are continuing their work day here on the ground earlier they expect express their gratitude for the level of access that say they have received to this site some investigators mentioned rumors of losing in this area and they have addressed this issue from i know their fair reports of looting and so on it's impossible for us to verify that. malaysians and again it's
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their second day they said they said they did say still a second circuit remember undervalue balls flying around that haven't been taken flight recorders or a common and known as black boxes had been recovered from this area they are now in possession of british aviation authorities who are hoped to shed some light as to what actually happened to flight and seventeen they said that flight recorders had been damaged but they're still intact and they have not been tampered with the malaysian prime minister earlier said that he is not about to put blame on anybody at all as to why this crash it's taking place until concrete evidence is in place russia has made public data indicating the presence of an airborne ukrainian jet fighter near and made seventeen at the time of the disaster the country's defense ministry those is a loss still as to why there's been no comment from kiev and its allies about it.
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we haven't received any answer from ukraine or from the police to really come into an on forcible causes for the disaster with more still there comments based on material from social media. the ministry also commented on some of the claims made by u.s. intelligence officials immediately after the tragedy washington said a missile had been fired from militia controlled territory but they're never bothered to provide any evidence to follow it up another popular theory disseminating being disseminated by the us is that russia assisted in the missile launch but again no proofs been brought forward american state officials are also convinced kiev had no hand in the air made seventeen disaster but again they don't explain why they are so sure. the u.s. media is also whipping up and he russia syria has gotten she can reports next it's unleashing a tirade of accusations against moscow with next to no supporting evidence.
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it took most pundits military experts and incurs in the us mainstream media less than a day to pronounce russia and specifically the russian president guilty of the downing of the mh seventeen this tuesday u.s. intelligence official said they had no evidence that would directly link russia to the tragedy they also said they did not know who exactly pulled the trigger but inertia in the media is a powerful thing and such a lack of evidence does not set back some of the journalists who seem to be absolutely sure about who's to blame maybe you haven't been following it but the u.s. is actually coming out with a lot of its own intelligence that connects what happened made seventy to the acts of russian militants and perhaps of the involvement of russia in either training equipping or maybe even assisting what when this what. exactly are you talking about what what forensic evidence are you referring to.
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very or release intelligence information about the trajectory no not twitter i do not think peter this is something to be flip about two hundred ninety eight people lost their lives let's not i think they want to see people i mean it's been very real human intelligence coming out very flippant about much of the u.s. media brushoff whatever information comes from the russian government as propaganda for instance when presented evidence that ukraine had the capability to shoot down the plane without directly accusing kiev of doing it many journalists have shown clearly that they were not willing to treat all sources equally that is not to say that all journalists do that so really it's the propaganda machine spinning on both sides in what is an information war certainly has it seen from the russian angle. is russia's evidence credible. well how credible is the u.s. evidence after a u.s. official said there is no proof of the russian president's involvement in the plane
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crashed. the u.s. media is looking for another face to put on that tragedy the leader of the pro russian rebels a suspect now in this crime seems defensive even amused by it all rolling his eyes at the question of accountability why were the bodies. given to suit. what they did you know it's a fantastic story you have to the thing is that as soon as the members of oh s. c.e. arrived they notified us that if we start moving the bodies then we will be responsible have new source information tonight from u.s. government sources about this strange shadowy character who leads pro russian rebels the jean jacket black t. shirt the roll of the eyes he comes across like a sixteen year old being lectured by a parent while the real investigation is only beginning in eastern ukraine the media are hungry for quick with salt quick accusations and a quick verdict in washington i'm going to check on r.t. . r.t. dot com collected the various theories about why the malaysian airlines fly crash
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we invite you to head to our web site for detailed analysis pictures and videos to help you make your mind up to get some more facts. after two days of hearing nothing about a british journalist who disappeared in eastern ukraine it's emerged tonight he's being held by kiev security service ukrainian reporter who was with graham phillips for the pair were missing has just been released we managed to talk to him on his way to hospital he told us they were severely beaten. we were near them yet scared port he ran to film a group of men i followed him and that's when we were they put bags over our heads but before i noticed it was you cranium military judging by their insignia we were put in a car and driven summer first they put us in a kind of cell together but we were later separated they started torturing us beating my head graham screaming and i was screaming to our it was horrible i
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didn't tell them i was a journalist so they accused me of being a self-defense fighter but it seems that they knew who graham was they beat me so badly i finally told them i was a journalist in the next i told them i had a child and if they killed me he'd have no one else they said if they catch me again they'll kill me later fighting broke out at the airport we heard gun sounds so we were taken to a different location i don't know where they put plastic bags on our heads i think it was a checkpoint i heard they told graham they were taking him to western ukraine i took yeah then they left me outside and yet. graham phillips went missing on tuesday evening and annette's the day he lost contacted us but in a corruption of has worn the circumstances of his disappearance. philips a was with a group of freelance journalists covering there for a fight in the area very close to the city of daniel's going he disappeared the last time he got in touch was moscow was on the evening of the twenty second july
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he said that he was going to film in the area very close to the airport and he said that he was still going there despite our warnings of high risks and then we received a text message from gram saying that everything was fine and that was of the last we've heard from him now it's morning reports emerged of him being detained by the ukrainian security services however he denies detaining him or that they've asked for it it. has been taken hostage there's no information as we're both were there is it going to induce the ukrainian military. and may graham was seized by security forces in ukraine he was question john a spanish links and later released after about thirty six hours after that he left ukraine for a while however he came back just a few days ago and we managed to speak to graham's friend who was very close with
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his family. ukraine at the time i was pretty place for a hard landing where you went i warned them i know for them it's family warned him and he just as all of us face is mind your own business the russian foreign ministry has demands the media tree lisa graham films and at the same time the britain's foreign office says that it is aware of the situation and that it is standing ready to provide assistance and at the same time parties doing everything possible to learn graham phillips president whereabouts. absolutely of course as we find out more we'll let you know to the side to this the c.n.n. news channel reporting as well that a freelance journalist working for them was all. two days ago probably he's currently in captivity again we'll try to keep track of that for you. in ukraine's parliament a lot of movement there today the european choice coalition is well no longer a choice the major grouping is crumbled forcing the prime minister to announce he's
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quitting political science professor nikolai petro from the university of rhode island told me he believes the p.m.'s trying to escape responsibility for failing reforms the one thing i think that political parties want to avoid that are currently there is being blamed for the price hikes the significant price hikes for utilities and gas that are underway that are going that are coming in the pipeline first of all there will be a political crisis. which is just been announced every few weeks or so that we can we're willingness to fight among members of parliament while there is a political necessity as europe's as the e.u. sees it to support just burst money into ukraine it will actually not do that indefinitely and the problem is ukraine is running out of money even for an army
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the money to pay its soldiers will run out next week. a lot of movement there today just hours before the prime minister's resignation ukraine's lower house voted to dissolve parliament but only after making it impossible for the communists to be part of any next one day not to have enough deputies to be represented that elections two years ago the company secured thirteen percent of the vote well over two and a half million people that equates to some of its members lost their seats amid the political turmoil in the country and they had twenty three deputies remaining when they were excluded today the parliament speaker said getting rid of the party was a quote historic mission adding that he hoped there would never be another communist faction while the leader of the communist party called it quote a political lynching and quote saying it was a crackdown on dissent and a comment too from a senior british communist party leader who told us he believes the e.u. should not be supporting this politically motivated move i don't think there's been
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any attempt to ban or else the political party of the size of the ukrainian communist party since the burning of parts is the question in greece or earlier when the nazis came to power in germany they still represent that two million voters they will have their rights to political association negated in a way that is contrary to the european charter of human rights as well as the terms of the european union treaty it is. religious that the european union should be giving sanction to this government. after the break his gaza's death toll seven hundred we report from overcrowded cemeteries now one it'll stop plus two poems condemned by europe's human rights school for hosting cia tortured prisoners.
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this is the media leave us so we leave the media. by the same motions to cure. your party visible. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politic only on r t. three years ago the european union was spending several hundreds of billion a furious on the public procurement underestimation bit in each. deal twenty thirty sometimes even fifty percent of the money spent on corruption.
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a look at a un run school serving as an emergency shelter and guard has been hit by israeli shelling leaving at least fifteen dead and hundreds wounded when this is saying no warning was given it's the fourth time a u.n. facility where hundreds of display civilians seek refuge has been hit in the two weeks of israel's offensive reporter harry fears in gaza force. this complex was struck directly or indirectly by israeli tank shells now it's not clear how or why this facility this civilian object was targeted bodies running in a tree but no warning was given and the united nations has made clear in this past
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few hours that he has given israel his start and recently all of the g.p.s. coordinates and information pertaining to its facilities in the gaza strip in order to prevent this sort of tragedy from taking place we understand also schools were injured in this attack the last couple of days we've seen extraordinary escalation of bachman throughout the gaza strip not just the northern area but also the east particularly how we caught up with some of those inside the palestinian health system here really struggling to keep up with the number of civilian losses. this is gaza's main morgue several hundred dead have passed through here in the past fortnight we met its director. certainly working here is very difficult first when the corpse arrives with the dead bodies inside the fridge just after fifteen or thirty minutes the families normally arrive to take martyrs bodies moves are operating at capacity throughout the strip in some two bodies are being put in
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train says bill just for one it's a grim process. every night around twenty to twenty five bodies come in by the divin though this facility only has to pass thirty four eighteen it's really too much pressure for us we see many cuts and lacerations among these victims it has been incredibly hard this job needs people with a personal conscience with a strong heart because bodies are taken from them and swiftly buried according to islamic tradition. but many local cemeteries are under threat of bomb and and i simply too dangerous to use so it's here at gaza's main cemetery where many of forced to bear. this man has buried ten of his relatives since the israeli operation began. we fear that they were about to attack the cemetery because the cemetery and shake has been attacked twice so people going with very afraid of
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standing in congregation the cemetery and she is off limits is the israeli army has been in that area and everyone avoids going there and we went to shake red one but while we were there the air force attacked the cemetery during the ceasefire we dug the grave and made the first martyr to rest there and as the bloodshed goes on gas the cemeteries are running out of space i have worked for seven years of shaikh road one cemetery the previous two weeks have been the worst in some cases we've had to dig up old graves to make room for relatives where do i start the morgues bring way too many bodies here we put three bodies in one grave because we don't want the relatives to go to dangerous places which are off limits this grieving family has no choice but to open up a relative's grave and bury the new body alongside you may have thought that at least garza cemeteries would be spared the din of war but even as palestinians bury their loved ones there is no rest by from the sound of menacing drones overhead or ceaseless bombings around perry fear r.t.
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gaza. the number of palestinians killed has now gone well beyond seven hundred with sixty deaths two in the past twenty four hours alone casualties are also mounting on the israeli side too with over thirty soldiers killed since the start of the offensive the guys result will now be investigated indeed by the united nations human rights commission. has said from israel's foreign ministry told us earlier that the sponsibility for the civilian deaths in gaza lies squarely with hamas. they say that all timothy's should be investigated and i agree and i'll tell you what we're going to discover we're going to discover that israel has taken unprecedented steps in a very difficult circumstance to minimize and to avoid civilian casualties and we're going to discover that hamas evil machine with a killer strategy has named it is perpetrating war crime of the war crime of the war crime and that's what we're going to discover you say that israel is doing all
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it can to minimize civilian casualties are you doing enough for boys killed on a beach we're hearing about civilians being killed every single day we said repetitively we said it also quietly through diplomatic channels quiet will be all said with quiet calm will be responded to with call this message was rejected out of hand we've been three cease fire proposals one by the egyptians one by the united nations one by the international committee for the red cross all three we accepted unconditionally we implemented them all three of which with the with the glib laws they couldn't care less attitude rejected and violated so i agree with a real tragedy the responsibility for which lies directly at the doorstep of hamas . world news no jury and passenger jet with one hundred sixteen passengers and crew on board has crashed according to an aviation official in algeria the m.t.a. three was on route from the kuna faster to algiers when it disappeared from radar
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fifteen minutes after takeoff there are unconfirmed reports that french soldiers have located wreckage in mali the air algerie flight sort of the el gerri let's try again algerie says the pilot asked ground control to alter the plane's course because a storm's. passenger trains hit a school bus on a level crossing in india eighteen children on the bus and the driver of been killed the vehicle was dragged several hundred metres along the tracks no one was injured on the train it happened at an unmanned railway crossing it's thought hundreds of people here die at such junctions. and other state executions going orrible wrong in the united states it took murder of joseph wood two hours to die after he was given a lethal injection supposed to take less than ten minutes it's the third such incident this year let's go to our tease miniport fun a bit more about this all went so wrong again. well while the more appropriate
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question may be what didn't go wrong lawyers for arizona inmate joseph would say that after their client was lethally injected he proceeded to gasp for more than an hour a journalist from the arizona republic reports that wood was gold being like a fish on land and the sounds that he was making between snoring and sucking in air was similar to like the sound as a swimming pool filter makes what it starts to take in air another journalist from the a.p. said that woods' jaw dropped and he was gasping repeatedly every twelve seconds and this continued hundreds of times now nearly two hours into the process the fifty five year old finally died wood's lawyer had sought to delay the execution over concerns about the source of the lethal injection drugs in the qualifications of the executioners the shortage of lethal drugs has led many states in the us to see controversial alternatives including drugs from undisclosed pharmacies now
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america's capital punishment system has come under heightened scrutiny after we've seen a recent executions similar to the one i'm speaking about now for example in oklahoma inmate died of a heart attack more than thirty minutes following his execution earlier this year and at the start of the year in january and in may in ohio suffered for more than twenty six minutes before dying now arizona state officials say wood was comatose and didn't suffer they claim he was sleeping and snoring not gasping the governor of arizona has ordered an investigation into the procedure but expressed no sympathy for wood who was sentenced to death for fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and her father. this is those twenty five to twenty six minutes past noted. international. design. produces sudsy program and over to bring.
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a friend of mine flew in from germany and he said that as he was leaving he looked in to do stand at the airport and on the front page of twelve german publications were basically titles like putin's missile destroyers airplane alluding to the crash malaysian airplane that fell into the combat zone eastern ukraine this isn't just some fluke that my friend saw all these newspapers together the entire mainstream media has made the same bold speculations i think this is interesting for two reasons one the way that the mainstream press jumped onto the story with exactly the same headlines and exactly the same angles really makes me want to start believing in conspiracy theories especially when an investigation had been conducted yet there wasn't any formal evidence yet but from fox to c.n.n. to medium sized german newspapers the speculation of who was at fault for the crash
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is identical and absolute and to the western media which feels justified to push for war with anyone who doesn't adopt western values have themselves completely forgotten just what those values are i thought in the glorious west everyone gets a fair trial with due process evidence and a conviction only after their guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt but when enemies of washington need to be demonized i guess all those principles just fly right out the door but that's just my opinion.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart the pledge to make the world a better place is one of the most overused tropes of our time politicians activist evil terrorists have all attempted to do it in the only way our guest today is one of the world's most celebrated industrial designers and changing the world is also part of his life manifest. welcome to the part thank you thank you for inviting me what's wrong with the wall does it is why is everybody so bad on changing it. you know it's it's strange i i wrote a book in two thousand and one called i want to change the world and i really got fairly slammed for that by the media and press you know because it basically was a kind of an arrogant statement and they also said hardest design changed the world you know because so i was a really considered how can i say. a catalyst for change. but
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i noticed that in this last hole the sudden fifteen thirteen years it's amazing how much the term is used and kind of overused in everything everything it's kind of like shocking this change the world where i got that term from actually was probably my teenage kid i was inspired by it because there were many songs that were written by it probably is like a new revolution in the sense of what happened in the sixty's so there was a lot of talk about change the world the sixty's and i was a child so it's probably somehow part of my behavioral kind of learning at that time but i felt like i could go out and do something in this world to make it a better place now i think one of the person who may also have inspired you was mahatma gandhi because you quote human one of your fifty commandments that you published some time ago and yes i think you he's quote was about being a change you want to see in the world but i think i may be mistaken but i think you are go a bit further than that i mean you're. probably not satisfied with changing your immediate environment you.


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